Welcome to the Simplicity Controls Systems new website. Please use the information here freely, and of course if you think we may be of service to you, contact us for free initial discussions on ways we may be able to help, using either our 20 years of commercial hydroponic growing experience, or simply with some of the control innovations we have developed over that time to make life easier.

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These products, which be accessed from the sidebar menu have been developed by us because we either needed something unique or what was available at the time was far too expensive for us to justify. They include:

Hydro Dosing: While we ran with off the shelf EC and PH controllers during the growing years it was readily apparent that technology was advancing so quickly, it could do more for us. So we developed the software and hardware to run all controls at Fancyleaf  from two small personal computers.

Hydroponic Channel: What we knew was required in a channel i.e. economy, strength and design was not available, so we developed our own, which works a treat.

Full Flow Filters: We needed to maintain full flow rates even after heavy rain washed extra debris back to the tanks. To do this we had to automate our filter cleaning process, reducing labour costs.

Date Coding Machinery: One of the most onerous tasks at Fancyleaf has now been eliminated, by inventive design and lateral thinking

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