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After considerable thought and many refused requests Bill Calder has decided to offer a consultancy service to the industry. This consultancy is very specific and limited to the following:

Commercial growing systems only, and

Fancy Lettuce and Herb systems only

Why?: Why would you do this you ask, when everyone else offers consultancy for all crops, all systems in all locations, home and commercial?

It is precisely for this reason that Bill has taken this step. We believe that it is, lets say, extremely difficult if not impossible to be an expert on all commercial crops.

We also find it unusual that most if not all of consultancies offered are from people who are no longer active in the growing side of the industry. We are still active and growing, as is Fancyleaf, after nearly 20 years, and prospective clients can visit us at any time to see our very innovative production methods for this country’s largest supermarket chain.

After being in the industry almost from the beginning, (22 years) we have seen many people enter and quickly exit, due to a variety of reasons. Most are simply very unrealistic expectations of what they expect from the industry. Far too many people we have seen spell hydroponics  M-A-G-I-C, forgetting it is simply another way to grow a crop.

Our expertise after this long is in this crop, growing it extremely quickly and using management tools developed by ourselves, such as hydro dosing, a PC based application that will run up to 10 NFT systems, with all nutrient dosing taken care of by the application, and Simplicity growing channel, developed for this particular crop.

If you are thinking of making a substantial investment in a Commercial growing system, you should make the time to talk to one of this industry’s innovators. It will save you money and angst in the long run and could well be the difference between success and failure in the game.