Our experience with control started quite a few years ago, when we were building greenhouses.

About 12 years ago Bill was a bit bored so started another business building simple greenhouse structures for other growers. These structures soon started to become more technical as clients started discovering what environmental control could do for their crops. Things like movable ridge vents and roll up sidewalls  started to become the norm, along with heating for colder areas. All these systems then needed something to control them.

We started with a Israeli company, Gavish, as we were at that time dealing with other companies over there, but their products got too expensive so we started looking for other options. We progressed through several stages to arrive at where we are now, able to offer control on several levels and innovation.

While Bill Calder has no formal engineering training, he feels this is an advantage as he is not constrained by what is “accepted” and so can think outside the square. This ability to think laterally and to find the people who have skills Bill lacks, is the real reason for the success of Simplicity. It has seen the development of products such as The Water Watch and the date coder elsewhere in this website, which others have said impossible to do.