Below you will find a series of screen shots to give you an idea of how powerful this application is. Some PLC providers will try to tell you that you can’t run an application like this from a PC, that you must have one of their expensive PLC’s. Well, our experience is exactly the opposite. If you start with a good quality PC then 5 years without failure is not unrealistic, and in fact we have done that with a system at the University of Queensland. The secret is in never turning the PC off, so it is not warming and cooling it’s delicate insides every day. Our PC’s, built for us by Spotty Dog Computer Services, are by no means top end as they don’t need to be, but they are constructed with quality parts. The two units at Fancyleaf live in hot, humid nutrient sheds, and anyone with hydroponic experience will be able to tell you how corrosive this environment is. Yet they perform year in year out with no problem.

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