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There are several devices on the market to restrict shower use. But they don’t necessarily work. Experience has shown that many people who shower under a rose fitted with a water restricting device, simply stand there twice as long, totally negating any benefit from the device. The Water Watch takes the decision from them, and makes sure they are “done and dusted” in the shortest time possible. Even teenagers who make up a large percentage of the offenders learn to be more careful of water use.

Most people in Australia are aware of our current water shortages and are doing things at a household level. A short stroll through the plumbing section of your local hardware/DIY chain store will always find people in the plumbing section looking for ideas on how to save or reuse water.

That is why we have come up with the Water Watch. We call it that because we feel it is watching over the most valuable resource on the planet, fresh water. With declining  water supplies in many areas of the world, including Australia, the world’s driest continent, anything that allows us to stretch the resource should be considered. That is the function of the Water Watch. The benefits of fitting a Water Watch are:

  • An immediate decrease in water consumption

  • An immediate decrease in energy consumption

  • Savings on both energy and water bills

  • Better bathroom utilisation in busy periods.

  • An increased environmental awareness by users

A Water Watch will pay for itself in time, the length of which will depend on your usage, energy and water prices. The more you are using at present, the faster the payback. There is also a less tangible benefit to parents. It seems every family that has children old enough to shower alone has at least one member who is a shower “hog”. This is a source of extreme frustration to parents and can cause unnecessary divisiveness in the family unit, especially in peak usage times. This problem can be totally eliminated, just by the installation of a Water Watch.

Installation is quite easy for a home handy man or woman, although you will have to check the local regulations that apply in your area to see if trades people are required to assist at all. As there are so many possibilities we could not cover them all on this website, but comprehensive installation instructions and ideas are included as part of the kit. You can also glean more information from the install page in this section.

The stand out feature of this device is the ability to program it for individual users, and to be able to change that program easily. Imagine the possibilities for overstaying house guests, or kids that won’t keep their room tidy !

For really hot pricing for a short time, look at the news page.

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5 Responses to “The Water Watch”

  • Michael says:


    I have lost my installation and activation sheet for the “Water Watch” device. Is there a pdf that I can download for the same?

    Thank you

  • admin says:

    Hello Michael,
    Thank you for your comment, in retrospect I suppose we should have added links to these docs earlier than this, however we have not had a request for them until now. I will add those docs as seperate pages in the next couple of days so keep an eye out.

  • Marc says:

    Hi just wont to know how much is the water watch.?AND HOW do i go about getting one. and can you set the time for the shower to run for. Thanks Marc Anderson.

  • admin says:

    Hello Marc,

    You can ring us withe cc details during business hours. $150 aud plus GST of 10% if in Australia, plus freight, usually $10 plus GST in an overnight bag in aussie

  • admin says:

    You can see pricing in the news section, also yes you can set by the minute for each individual user

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