We have decided to sell the Water Watch direct from this website. At this time we will not set up an online store as this is the only product we will be selling in this way. Instead, you will need to contact us during business hours on the numbers on the contacts page.

This one off, never to be repeated price, during this special is $150 plus GST of 10% if applicable (Australian residents and businesses) for single units. Freight will be additional and will depend on where you wish the item to be sent to, but usually we could put it in an express post bag for around $12.50. EFT is the only way payment can be made (we email you an invoice) At manufacture the units are packed into foam lined cartons (4 units to a carton). If you get together with your friends and purchase a carton of 4, the price will be $480 plus GST of 10% if applicable. i.e. each separate Water Watch will cost you $120 plus GST

This offer is available for a short time only so don’t procrastinate !!

We look forward to hearing from you soon !

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4 Responses to “News”

  • admin says:

    ah questions, what is the meaning of life?

  • michael kuss says:

    Hi I have just found your website with the info on the water watch. Could you tell me the cost of the complete system and postage to Goolwa S.A. Also I was thinking of putting the power supply connection onto the ceiling fan power plug with the solenoild valve located outside onto the hotwater storage unit located just outside of the bathroom. Is this setup advisable, I know all hot water would therefore be on a timer but I cant see this as a bad thing. Thanks Michael

  • Barry devita says:

    Hi, great product. Do you have any distributors in the U.S.?

  • admin says:

    Sorry no US distributors as it i different voltage and a different plug pack needs to be purchased.

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