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2 Responses to “Water Watch Instructions”

  • jeremy anthony says:

    I want to purchase a pack of 4 Water Watch shower timers but it is so difficult to do that.
    Do you have facilities to take credit card payment by phone ?
    What is the postal charge to Adelaide ?
    Do they all have the wireless capability and do I need to purchase a radio receiver in addition to the standard touchpad ?


  • admin says:


    No credit card facilities available, the way we do this sort of payment is:
    1 You send an email
    2 We email invoice with bank details
    3 You do EFT
    4 We despatch when money in account.

    To Adelaide would be $33 freight

    All have wireless capability, or wired, your choice.
    The radio receiver is in the solenoid control bax, paired with it’s touchpad so more than one in a house means the wrong one does not open.

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