Here is the install guide you would have received with your Water Watch. We are posting it here as there have been requests from purchasers who have lost theirs.

Click on the image to view the Quick Install Guide or “Right Click” and “Save” to download.


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4 Responses to “Water Watch Install Guide”

  • Michael says:

    Hello William

    Thank you so much for the document! Saved a great deal of time. All I now require is the “Programming Manual” in order to program the system. Sorry to be a pain!

    Many thanks

  • Michael says:

    Dear Team

    The product works perfectly and the ingenuity behind the device is to be commended. Thank you for this water-saving device…my teenage kids are getting used to the “rations” 🙂


  • Andrew Groves says:

    How is it programmable ?
    What are the parameters ?
    Dose it sense when the shower starts ?
    How long can the run time be set to?

  • admin says:

    Per user, one allocation per day, 10 users
    Minutes that is programmed for that user, warning when only 1 minute hot water left
    No, it opens a solenoid valve to allow the shower to start, clock is running from press enter
    99 minutes per user, but who would bother ?

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